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Don Diego

Laura, aka, Don Diego is one of the most well recognized and respected collectors in the space. Her vast collection spans across multiple different collectibles from Pokémon, Fortnite, Magic: The Gathering, to sports cards, video games and comics!


Sam, aka TeamSamuraiX1, is one of the most well known Yu-Gi-Oh! figures out there! He's been creating content for over a decade now, primarily focused on the gameplay, building out some of the most amazing decks out there.

Strictly Sealed

Omar, aka StrictlySealed, has some of the best vintage Yu-Gi-Oh! collection out there! With the wealth of knowledge he has about the TCG, Omar will help us improve Collectr for all collectors.

Gin (Lootbox TV)

Gin from Lootbox TV has got back into collecting over 3 years ago. He started off with Pokémon, and then ventured off into Sports Cards and other TCGs like Magic: The Gathering, Dragon ball Super and Weiss Schwarz.


Ruxin34 has been on an upwards rise over the past 2 years with his content primarily focused around opening a crazy amount of packs for not only the new sets that came out, but also vintage sets.

Juice (Lootbox TV)

Juice from Lootbox TV has been collecting for 15 years. He is well known on YouTube for his epic openings. Pokémon & Sports has been his overall focus as of late. You like goofy, fun, and epic entertainment; make sure you check LootboxTV out on YouTube.

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